[EF#13] My Sports’s Timeline

I am a procrastinator.

Homework or studying for the exams, I rarely did it soon after the teacher gave me or taught me. I, most of the time did my homework in the day that I should collect it, just right before going to the school. So that’s the reason I often running to the school when I was in the elementary so I would not be late, moreover I was inspired by The Flash. So I did run, to the school, to the shop, to the toilet, to the yard and to the you name it. I never thought about a healthy life that time, I did it because it was fun, I felt like I can fly for a half second when I was running. Unfortunately, I finished in the second or third (I can’t remember it) place in an inter-school match, after that I had not done it as much as before anymore. But I kept on playing seasonal Badminton and swimming in the river 😀


During the High School, I rode Continue reading “[EF#13] My Sports’s Timeline”

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