Getting away

How was my holiday? I am afraid still haven’t had a proper one yet.

Holiday for me means getting away for my routines. I don’t have to be somewhere else or to go to some other places. There are a lot of activities that I could do in that getting away phase. I could be at home in my holiday watching films, reading books, reading articles, writing all the words, sentences, that I should have said, learning how to cook new recipes or learning new other things that broaden my horizons.

Being with a lot of people or with anyone that I don’t really like often drains me out. I’d be like dead on my feet. So being alone or chitchat with someone that I like could also means a holiday for me, let alone travelling with them, it would be super holiday.

Well, writing this short reply for BEC’s challenge….which is a bit far from the topic, I could say it’s a mini-holiday for me 😀

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