[EF#14] One Piece

I’ve already told in my previous post that The Flash was one of my favorite cartoon character when I was a kid. But I guess it’s only inspired me to run. Then I thought again, finally I decided that I would like to share about One Piece on EF this week. But I’m not sure if I can say anime is the same with cartoon. Because most of Otaku will say anime ≠ cartoon. However, One piece is one my favorite series.

One Piece is a anime series based on manga that’s written by Eiichiro Oda,


And, my favorite character is The captain of the ship Monkey D. Luffy. In my opinion, he is a stubborn, great leader and friend, and just like the other Japan’s anime where is the main characters never give up. But that was not my first impression. What’s made me love this series for the first time are uniqueness of this anime and really funny.

I can’t tell you the detail, it just too much to write and the series is still ongoing.

This is one of the series that made me want to cry if I missed it. Sometimes I miss those feeling hahahahahha 😀

But today I can’t have those feeling anymore 😦


  1. Gara

    Nah, why can’t you have those feeling anymore, Mas? kepo


    • Dulu belum punya internet Gar, setelah menunggu satu minggu penuh tiba-tiba ga bisa nonton atau kelewatan, hari minggu itu rasanya jadi ada kurang hihihihi 🙂 rasanya antara pengen nangis, sebel, marah hahahha

      sekarang karena bisa nonton online bisa kapan aja jadi rasa yang seperti itu ga ada lagi 😀

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  2. Because …. dresrosa is took a very-very long time. Its almost 1.5 years for 1 day in dresrosa hahaha


  3. I’ve tried to watch this anime until Marine Ford :p but I skip it to watch the another one

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  4. High five, aku suka Roronoa Zoro ama Robin. ❤ <3, cuma sehabis lulus kuliah udah gak ngikutin, gak ada yang download-in. 😥

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  5. aku juga suka zoro..keren..:D

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