[EF#12] I need 604

My means of transportation. My first week’s challenge of English Friday.

Currently, I’m living in Bečmen, Surčin, Beograd. I can say that the transportation and the traffic in Belgrade is quite good, if I compare it with the transportation in Jakarta in 2011 because I have worked there for six months during that year.

I’am living in a small village called Bečmen, it’s about 30 km from the city center. Here people commute using buses, trams, taxis, trolleys and of course their own vehicles, and all of the public transportation are reliable, so I won’t hesitate to use public transportation. Public and private transportation companies are regulated by the government and well organized (in time, connected each other, live information about bus location by sending a message to a certain services number, and you can have various kind of payments).

So, the bus’s come, I have to go 🙂

In the place where I’m living right now, there is only one line that will bring me where ever I go (by changing the bus of course), it is line of the 604, yes, this bus is the first bus that I should hop in where ever I want to go.

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  1. What is the reading for the city’s name, Mas? I’m curious :hehe.
    Well, if the public transportations are that reliable, I believe that commuting far from the city won’t be much problem for the residents :)).
    Ah, I hope Jakarta’s public transportation modes will be as reliable as of that in Beograd :)).

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