Before They “steal” It

Have you ever felt like someone’s “stolen” your idea? Well, I have.

It happened to me so many times, when I read an article, or when I watch movies. I’ve already had same idea with the story I read or movies I’ve watched. It felt like someone’s already taken something from me and I lose something that should belong to me.

Well, they didn’t really steal it but I was just little bit too late to express my idea…they did it before me!!! It happened because I keep my idea too long in my head and you know what??  ideas don’t want to stay too long in someone head, especially in my head. If they stay too long they will expire and they didn’t want it happen so they move to someone’s head so they can be born.

And that was my own fault, I was too lazy, put something off, waiting for a good time (for God’s sake there’s no such a good time to do something good).

So from now on (I don’t want to promise), I just want to do something   A.S.A-I.H.I *  before they “steal” it.

(hope I can keep my words)

*as soon as I have an Idea


4 thoughts on “Before They “steal” It

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      1. ga bisa tau juga duluan atau kaga, siapa tau udah pernah ada yang punya ide yang sama, tapi kitanya aja yang ga tau

        yisha, amit-amit semua orang ko dipanggil kaka… 😛


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